Our bike tours are designed for those who want to discover some of the most scenic parts of Germany and Italy while biking at a leisurely pace. Our tours are great for beginner and experienced cyclists alike. You can opt to bike more or less, depending on your preferences, and support vans are provided on every trip. You will bike primarily on dedicated, car-free bike paths with very little elevation. We also offer electric assist bikes for those who would like an even more relaxed trip. Biking along peaceful rivers and stunning valleys, past vineyards and medieval castles, through charming medieval towns and scenic countryside- you will love experiencing Europe at a relaxed pace on two wheels!


Biking Tours FAQs

How far do we bike?

Depends on the day and the trip! The furthest distance in a day is about 40 miles (65 km), and the shortest is about 8 miles (13 km). There are always options to bike more or less if you would like.

What is an electric assist bike (e-bike)?

E-bikes are not motorcycles! The e-bikes we use are 7 speed bikes with small electric motors. You can choose whether to have low, medium, or high power, or to turn the motor off entirely. The bike will not go without you pedaling, so you still need to bike, but it makes it significantly easier. Past customers have said “it’s like biking downhill the entire time”, and several people have purchased e-bikes of their own after enjoying one on our tours.

What do I do with my luggage while biking?

We provide luggage transportation for you so that your bags will be waiting for you at your next hotel every day. We also provide panniers (bike bags) so that you can easily carry items you may need during the day (wallet/purse, jacket, etc.).

What type of bikes are provided?

We provide 21 speed hybrid/touring bikes. The vast majority of the biking is on paved paths, but small amounts are on dirt paths or cobblestone streets, making these bikes a much better option than a road bike or mountain bike.

What does a support van do?

If you ever decide that you have had enough biking for the day, our support van can pick you up and drive you to the next hotel/destination. This offers peace of mind as well as the ability for you to personalize the trip to bike fewer miles than planned.

Can I bring my own bike?

You are welcome to bring your own bike! Be sure to contact us for additional information.