We strive to provide an unforgettable experience. Through personalized service before, during, and after your trip, we will do everything we can to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.


"I've travelled to over 30 countries with several agencies and on our own. This has been by far the best trip I've ever been on." 

-Ginny L. 

"I joined the Iceland trip because it promised a unique experience I would never find on a typical tour. After traveling to over 14 countries since then, I can confidently say it was still the best trip I have ever taken.

Three things stood out against all the guided tours I have taken (20+). First, Mero's extensive experience during every phase of the trip made the entire process SEAMLESS from booking first class tickets (with credit card miles), camping in style with gourmet quality food and comfort deep inside Scandinavian mountains, and meeting some of the best like-minded people I have ever known. Second, Mero's obsessive commitment to detail made sure I was never short on anything whether it's the variety of food we had to the different activities during the trip. Third, Mero's sheer passion in every aspect of the trip is self-evident. It became clear after a couple days in he wasn't leading this trip to fill a role; he really wanted to give each of us a unique and comprehensive experience of traveling money alone cannot buy.

Since then, I have done a custom trip in Norway, and have another trip planned for the Himalayas in March 2016. Can't wait for yet another incredible journey!"

-Kalpesh M.


"So today is my last full day in Hawaii and today is about rest, reflection and relaxation. It has been nothing short of amazing and unbelievable. This was my third trip with Mero as my guide and every time he's been the absolute best guide possible and also a friend. There are no words to describe my experiences, there are no pictures that can capture the true beauty in the world and there is nothing possible that I could say to explain how much I truly find comfort and solace in the bonds I make on these types of trips with the people who go on them. All I can say is thank you."

-Zack D. 


"Mero was a guide to a trip to Georgia/Tennessee/North Carolina and to Hawaii. He is seriously the best guide I could imagine and I don't think a travel trip would be complete without him! He's super knowledgeable and helpful, always has a smile, and always knows how to make the best of every situation. As a guide and as a friend, Mero is AWESOME!"

-Christina D.


"My girlfriend and I were planning a trip to backpack throughout Europe and we stumbled upon a hiking trip in Iceland. It was our first time ever doing anything of this type of magnitude and we thought why not. Mero turned out to be our guide and made the entire trip a fun and successful time. He provided us with games to play during the long parts of the hike, he taught us how to put up our tents and basically how to actually complete a hike. Everything from reading a map to cooking an excellent meal (the menu was so insanely good, especially for a hike!). We can honestly say that Mero and the staff planned an amazing experience and their personalities and prior knowledge helped us have what has been to this point the best travel experience of our lives.. Thank you Mero and the rest of the staff. Can't wait to do another amazing adventure now!!!"

-Charles O.


"I planned a custom trip through Carpe Mundo and could not have been happier! We were flexible about dates and countries and wanted to visit Asia. We were given several excellent choices, and using American miles we booked first class tickets on Cathay Pacific to Cambodia, and then onto a cruise in Halong Bay with a stopover in Ho Chi Minh City. It was the trip of a lifetime with amazing ancient temples hidden in a jungle, unusual and delicious food, and a cruise through some of the most beautiful and picturesque territories I have ever seen. From the flights to the hotels to the cruise, everything was top notch. If you are planning a trip, I highly recommend Carpe Mundo."

-Lynne B.


"I'm still talking to people about this trip! Iceland is such a diverse country from the land to the people. Every time you turn a corner the scenery changes and it just takes your breath away. As someone with no backpacking experience, Mero made this trip so easy for me and had no problem stopping so I could rest a minute. He made the hikes fun and enjoyable with games and knowledge of the country. Not to mention, he's an amazing cook! Every day we ate something delicious. Loved this trip!!! I recommend it to everyone!" 

-Alissandra B.


"Mero led our group through the many different terrains of the Laaugavegur trail in Iceland. He had done extensive research to ensure we saw the best scenery in the country, got a taste of the culture and maintained the authenticity of the adventure (no tourist traps.) This trip alone made me fall in love with the outdoors and the camaraderie I felt on the trip was because of Mero's leadership skills and incredible ability to bond people together. This guy also knows his stuff. Name a place and he has been there. He was prepared for anything and everything and I didn't worry for a second when my water bottle broke because Mero gave me one of his. He really cared that we fell in love with travel as much as he had and it definitely worked on me."

- Colleen S.


"Mero led my group of 10 to the Big Island of Hawaii in June. It was an awesome 9 days of adventure. We camped, hiked the tallest mountain in the world, and saw some of the best beaches on the planet. Also, Mero is an incredible chef. Thanks again Mero!"

-Joseph R.

Additional Reviews

The following are excerpts from anonymous feedback forms. 

"This trip was awesome! We got to know everyone really well and our leaders did a great job making sure everyone felt comfortable and had fun."

"One of the best experiences I have ever had."


"The leadership was amazing, our trip leader was very knowledgeable, well spoken, experienced, excited and overall a great person who led this trip to teach and share the experience of nature for something that many had never done before."

"Our leader was absolutely fantastic. He was such a blast and he was the most helpful, creative, and knowledgeable guide I have ever encountered. He put in a lot of effort in making everyone happy and making sure we all learned new things and enjoyed ourselves."

"We had a wonderful trip leader! He knew his information and is always full of fun interesting facts. He is great in the outdoors and when things change (like the weather) is prepared and ready for plan b."

"Mero is an amazing tour guide/leader/friend, he honestly made the experience what it was."