Our trips are designed to be more than just a trip, they are designed to be an experience. Comfortable adventure is what we do best, and our trips are a combination of adventure, camaraderie, and hospitality, creating an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life. 

Not your typical tour

Our trips are not like your typical tour. We know different people have different interests while traveling, therefore our trips are planned to provide an appropriate balance between time spent together with the group and free time for you to spend as you please.  In addition to the group activities and itinerary, there are opportunities for you to go on your own to visit museums, partake in additional adventure activities, or just sit back and relax! Your trip leaders will provide recommendations based on your preferences. To ensure you get the most out of your trip, we limit our groups to a maximum of just 7 - 12 people depending on the trip. This allows for a more intimate experience with both the places that you visit and with your fellow travel companions (you will feel like you're traveling with a group of close friends instead of being just a number like some tours). Having smaller groups allows us to stay at quaint B&Bs, small hotels, and farmhouses with local charm that would not be able to accommodate larger groups. 

Additionally, many of our European trips are planned sequentially, allowing you to build your own Euro trip! Go on one trip or combine several to get a longer and more varied tour. Combining multiple trips is a great way to see even more of Europe and enhance your travel experience. We can arrange transportation and accommodations between locations, making for a seamless transfer between tours. 

Difficulty ratings

We offer three types of trips- biking, hiking, and leisure. Hiking trips are the most physically demanding as they require several hours of hiking every day, the weather can vary, and you carry a backpack. Biking trips are of moderate difficulty. We bike at a leisurely pace, you can rent an electric assist bike to give an extra boost while biking, and at any point you can stop biking and ride in our support van. Leisure trips are designed for those who want a less physically demanding trip while still having an incredible experience. Our trips are open to people with all levels of experience with the adventure activities offered. Our leaders will provide instruction and assistance, and we believe in "challenge by choice"you will never be forced to do something you do not want to do! However, some trips are more challenging than others, and being physically and mentally prepared will ensure that the trip is as enjoyable as possible. Details of the activities and difficulty ratings are provided on the individual trip pages. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us to find out more information.