Five Reasons Why You Should Go On A Bike Tour

The Ultimate Two Wheel Adventure

A lot of our bike tour customers have never been on a biking vacation before, and they are pleasantly surprised by how much they love it! In this post we will go over 5 of the top reasons why customers love our bike tours.

Almost Anyone Can Do It

A lot of our customers have never been on a bike tour before, and we love introducing them to this awesome travel style! Electric assist bikes (e-bikes), fantastic bike paths, and a support van are all factors that make a bike tour a lot more manageable than you may have expected. Our tours bike anywhere from 8 to 35 miles (18-56 km) per day, with the higher end of the range being towards the beginning of the trip when your legs are fresh and the lower end of the range being on days when there is more sightseeing involved. If you are unsure of your biking abilities, consider an e-bike. E-bikes still require you to pedal, so they are not motorbikes, but you can adjust how much assist you would like (from no assist to turbo!). One customer described using an e-bike- “it’s like biking downhill the entire time!”. This is also great for couples where one person is a more avid biker than the other. All of our bike tours (and most others) have a support van that transports your luggage and is available to give you a ride if you decide you are done biking for the day (or if you want to take a day off all together). On our Germany bike tour, you can even take a river boat between destinations which is a great option for those with no interest in biking or for groups where some travelers want a less active trip but still want to be together for meals and other activities. The routes that we follow are primarily along designated bike paths where cars are nowhere to be found, allowing you to bike without worrying about traffic. These bike paths are mostly flat, allowing for a leisurely ride with plenty of opportunities to admire the beautiful scenery.

Best Bike Tours of Italy

There's More To Do Than Just Biking

We call it a bike tour, but the point of the trip is to get to know a destination on a deeper level and not just to bike. Our Germany bike tour travels along the Rhine River, one of the most iconic locations in Germany. You can visit the Kolner Dom (hosting the relics of the Three Wise Men) in Cologne, the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz (Europe’s second largest fortification after Gibraltar), and learn about wine production. Our Italy bike tour starts in a valley near the Dolomites and bikes to Lake Garda (Italy’s largest lake) before continuing to Verona and surrounding wine country. You can learn about WWII history, take a cooking class using fresh seasonal ingredients, go wine tasting (and ship some back home), shop for Italian designers, and visit scenes featured in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (which was based in Verona).

Stay Fit & Eat/Drink

One of the biggest advantages to a bike tour is how many calories you burn each day! Biking through a beautiful landscape past vineyards and medieval villages is one of the most enjoyable workouts you can have. All the calories that you burn will enable you to eat and drink guilt-free! Sampling the local cuisine can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of traveling, and being able to try as much as you want without gaining weight is not something you can do on every vacation. So go ahead, reward yourself with some bread to go with your pasta, a second dessert, or another glass of wine- you won’t regret it!

Best Germany Biking Trips

Unique Perspective & Authentic Travel

Biking through Europe enables you to see things that you otherwise would miss. Instead of driving from town to town or city to city on highways, you follow more scenic routes with better views and visits to charming villages. You will see farmers tending to their crops, vintners in the vineyards, families out on a stroll, maybe even a musician playing music by the river! We visit quaint towns that are off the beaten tourist path, allowing you to get a better idea of the local way of life and a more authentic travel experience.

More Luxurious than You’d Expect

Just because you are on a bike tour doesn’t mean you have to rough it! One of the highlights of our tours is staying at unique and luxurious accommodations. Be treated like royalty in Germany where we spend the night in a 1,000 year old castle that has been beautifully restored to a boutique hotel, enjoy spending two nights at a villa (at a winery!) in Italy’s Valpolicella region, and enjoy the serenity of watching the sunset as you relax on your lakefront or riverfront balcony. Enjoy beautiful picnic lunches with local specialties and gorgeous views. Fine dining is available at Michelin starred restaurants, or you can eat at biergartens and pizzerias!

Try it for Yourself

We would love to have you join us! Whether you decide to join one of our scheduled tours or have us plan a custom/private tour, we know you will love exploring Europe on two wheels!

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