Our Guide TO Black Friday Travel Deals

Top Tricks TO navigate The Biggest Travel Sales of The Year!

Looking for the best travel deals this black Friday? Black Friday can be one of the best days of the year to purchase a flight, book a hotel and save money on upcoming travel plans. Check out our guide below for tips on where to look for Black Friday flight deals and how to save big on travel!

Here at Carpe Mundo, while travel is our ultimate passion saving money is a close second! Why not use your money and airline points to their max, allowing yourself to experience more adventures and feel better about the cost of traveling?
Black Friday has been known for years as the best time to seek out deals, stock up on gifts and buy that insanely large television you’ve been dreaming of! Maybe an 80” screen will make you feel like you’re really on that Greek Sailing tour or standing right next to the astoundingly powerful Skógafoss falls of Iceland. We say no way! Check out our tips for scoring amazing travel deals to help you make your dream of travel a reality!

Though the term Black Friday is most commonly used, deals on black Friday often extend throughout the weekend and into next week as well. Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday can oftentimes have better deals and increased savings. It can be hard to predict exactly what the savings will be, so we’ve created a guide to help you feel prepared to discover some excellent deals this holiday season. Read below for our top 10 Black Friday travel sales deals tips.

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1. Subscribe, Subscribe, Subscribe!

Sales and discounts change yearly, however, you can be confident that almost every air carrier, car rental company and cruise line will be doing something. Signing up for a newsletter is the best way to ensure you are receiving the most up to date and accurate information out there. Enrolling directly in airlines through Delta, Alaska Airlines, United, etc will send the deals straight to your inbox! Speaking of listservs, join the Carpe Mundo listserv to get some drool-worthy travel inspiration sent your way!

2. Have A Gameplan

Know that you’re definitely indulging yourself on one of Carpe Mundo’s 2020 France Culinary tours? Having an idea of your destination can absolutely help you attain the best flight deals this Black Friday. Oftentimes, sales are offered via a limited time. There is a chance that the promotion price could sell out. Having a targeted city for your search can help you feel empowered to hop on a good deal when you see one!

3. Embrace Spontaneity

Okay, so this may seem like it goes against tip #2 but here at Carpe Mundo we love to cater to everyone! While we love planning for set travel plans, there is a definite excitement to doing things a bit more spontaneously! Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday deals are typically for travel in the upcoming months. Monitor the deals and go where your heart (and wallet!) take you! Being open to travel to virtually anywhere can motivate you to take advantage of the best deal. In the past, Cathay Pacific tends to have banging deals for round trip airfare to Asia. Norweigian Air tends to have percentage off discounts. And Emirates can offer up some incredible fares to some of their best destinations.

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4. Be Tech Savvy

Love the idea of tip #3? Some of our best adventures have been fueled by places we had never heard of, but purchased a ticket based on price alone! At Carpe Mundo, we love off the beaten path travel – getting away from the tourist crowds and experiencing an authentic, local lifestyle! Technology can be your friend when searching for deals. Use Skyskanner’s “Everywhere” search function for you destination location to see where the cheapest places to travel are for your selected departure airport and time frame. Google Flights has a similar “Explore” tab to help see what fares are like globally. This can make it easier to see great deals than sifting through all the newsletter emails to find the best deals.

5. Eyes On the Sky, And Elsewhere!

While flights are definitely our favorite part of travel, on Black Friday you can expect deals in all realms of travel! Expect entire airlines, cruises, rental car agencies, train and bus companies, and so much more to have great promotions. Similar to airlines, the best way to take advantage of these deals is join listservs and follow on social media for the latest and greatest!

6. Travel Engine Search Love

Typically when booking an airline, we always recommend booking directly with the airline and using your miles to the max. That being said, the holiday season, travel search engines can offer great promotions this holiday season.This Black Friday, Expedia has announced that it will kick of deals on Friday and refreshes with even more savings on Monday. You can expect Priceline to offer promotional codes and even giveaways during its sale.

7. One Way, Or Another

We’re gonna get ya! Get ya to an awesome location that is! Black Friday is a great time for both domestic and international flight deals. Sometimes booking one-way travel can help maximize the discount. Particularly for domestic travel, airlines tend to showcase fares based on one-way prices. Shop around for the best deals and don’t be afraid to book your return journey on a separate leg!

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8. Miles = Smiles

Using your miles accrued via travel or the use of travel credit cards is a good idea year round. With holiday promotions, don’t be afraid to add to the savings even further by booking award travel. We love using award travel (it’s how we pay for all of our leader’s to fly!) and recognize it as the best way to maximize your savings while in the air, checking into hotels and picking up a rental car. Curious about how to utilize your airline miles to the max? We can help! Check out our service Fly With Points to be amazed at the savings on flights 365 days a year!

9. Read The Fine Print*

Some deals may be too good to be true, and that’s because they are. WIth the increased savings, companies might apply restrictions or duration requirements to travel deals. Make sure you are aware of these limitations before committing. Purchasing travel insurance (link add. Services page) can provide peace of mind when planning a trip as well.

10. Take It Easy!

At Carpe Mundo we are all about soaking in the joy of the moment, our name means seize the world after all! We are about embracing experiences and creating travel that caters to everyone’s needs, wants and desires. Navigating fleeting online sales can be stressful. Ready to sign off and soak in time with family, enjoy time off work or indulge in leftover mashed potatoes? Leave the travel savings to us! Year round, Carpe Mundo offers great prices on small group travel. How can we make travel so affordable? Carpe Mundo specializes in running certain trips, extremely well. We operate on a quality over quantity approach. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to seize the world! No subcontracts here! Our passionate trip leaders will help you create custom itineraries; you pay for what you want. Feel like splurging and parasailing in the alps? Want to relax and just soak in the beauty of the mountains, as well as save a bit of money? Up to you! Excited to travel and save money? Leave the booking to us and sign up for a Carpe Mundo adventure!