Come and discover another side of California that you may not even know exists! Just north of the hustle and bustle of San Francisco lies a beautiful area with lighthouses perched precariously on cliffs, wineries basking under the golden sun, and redwoods soaring into the sky. Experience the natural side of California!

Stunning Coastline

This region is known for having one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, and you'll get to experience some of that beauty during our drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, as well as during our hikes. It doesn't get much better than walking along the coast and then stopping to watch the sun set into the Pacific while eating local cheese and drinking local wine- an incredible end to a day full of fun and activity!

Magnificent Nature

The natural diversity in this area is incredible. Redwoods that are hundreds of years old tower high above in the sky, wildflowers bloom all along the coast, and animals such as elk, seals, and whales all call this region home. If you're lucky, during our optional night kayaking you'll even see the bioluminescence where the water glows at night from phytoplankton when they're disturbed, definitely a surreal experience!

Local Tastes

This region is known for their incredible and fresh food. Trade the traffic jams of the city for the small towns that have a slower pace of life. Wineries produce some of the world's best wine, creameries create artisanal cheeses, and Tomales Bay hosts several oyster farms that enable you to try oysters straight from the sea. Our trips to California take advantage of all these local delicacies and more, truly making it a culinary adventure!