Explore Italy With Carpe Mundo’s Italy Guided Bike Tour

Explore Italy With Carpe Mundo’s Italy Guided Bike Tour

From storybook villages to magnificent Alpine valleys, Italy is a country that echos with rich history and stunning beauty. An Italy guided bike tour is the pedaling paradise playground for pleasure-seeking cyclists and active tourists that want to breeze through Italy’s gorgeous landscapes and soak in its vibrant culture. Italy offers marvelous villages frozen in time as you ride peacefully down twisting roads. Ready to captivate your senses with the most memorable Italy guided bike tour? Discover la dolce vita with Carpe Mundo’s small group tours to Italy.

An Italy Guided Bike Tour To Remember

The cities of Italy are an endless treasure trove of architectural beauty. Historial wonders await around every corner as you bike the edge of alps down to the beautiful wine country. Our well designed small group tours make you feel like a local pedaling through vibrant Italian villages. Italy offers so much culture for you to experience. Discover a world of beauty cycling through Italy’s most captivating regions including:

  • Bolzano
  • Trento
  • Lake Garda
  • Valpolicella
  • Verona


Hidden away in the mountainous region of South Tyrol in the Italian Alps is Bolzano. The town of Bolzano is a fantastic alpine location surrounded by incredible mountain scenery. Explore the countryside with our Italy guided bike tour through its various bike trails.


Trento is located in the northern regions of Italy and is a city rich with historical structures, museums, and galleries. Enjoy gorgeous valleys as you bike past apple orchards and vineyards on a flat bike path that is free of any cars.

Lake Garda

Flowing through three Italian regions, among mountainous terrain, is Lake Garda. From mountains covered in snow to islands in the middle of the lake, explore and partake in various adventure activities including:

  • Mountain Biking
  • Paragliding
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing
  • Canyoning


Experience Italy’s premier wine growing regions nearby the Veronese hills by biking to Valpolicella. Breathtaking scenery rolls past as you bike through the most renowned vineyards in the world. Enjoy wine tasting and discover the secrets to true Italian cuisine with a cooking class.   


Bike from Valpolicella to one of the most important cities in the Veneto region, Verona. Famed for its stunning architecture, Verona is rich with historical significance and is the city where Romeo & Juliet took place. With its mild weather temperatures and architectural beauty, Verona is the ideal place to spend a few days relaxing and taking in the sights.

A Guided Bike Tour Through Italy’s Culture & History

With Carpe Mundo’s small group tour to Italy, you can sample the vast beauty Italy has to offer. Enjoy the most delicious Italian food while biking through incredibly charming towns and cities. Explore world famous wineries and vineyards as you trail through mountains, hills, and lakes. There is no shortage of adventure when it comes an Italy guided bike tour with Carpe Mundo.

Small Group Tours To Europe With Carpe Mundo

Carpe Mundo is a small group tour company that is dedicated to designing custom trips that create an intimate experience based on your personal travel style and needs. Our small group tours to Europe are typically meant for 8-12 travelers, allowing us to tailor the most perfect Italian biking vacation that caters to your wants, wishes, and needs. Ready to experience the gorgeous and majestic cities of Italy? Get in touch with one of our travel specialists today by calling 1-888-890-9898 or simply book your small group tour to Italy before spaces fill up.

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