Three Reasons Why You Should Use A Small Group Travel Company

Three Reasons Why You Should Use A Small Group Travel Company

When it comes to traveling with a tour company, most people think of large coach buses, hundreds of tourists being herded like cattle and a rushed schedule. Those kinds of tours can leave you feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation. A small group tour, on the other hand, combines a quality itinerary where you hit all of the major spots with plenty of time and freedom, allowing you to adjust your schedule or take an adventure of your own. A small group travel company like Carpe Mundo can provide a more authentic and intimate travel experience where you not only see the major sites but you can also experience the local culture.

They Provide A More Intimate And Interactive Experience

Due to the small size of the travel group, small group travel companies are able to provide travelers with more personalized attention. A small group travel company can create unique itineraries for each trip that fit the needs and preferences of each individual customer. If an activity needs to be adjusted or some members of the group want more free time to go off on their own, that can easily be done with a small group tour. Smaller groups also create a more intimate experience that can make you feel like you are traveling with a group of friends, rather than a bunch of strangers.

Many Small Group Travel Companies Practice Ecotourism

Many tourists and travelers are starting to become more aware of and practice ecotourism. Ecotourism encourages responsible travel to natural areas, which involves conserving the environment, as well as sustaining the well-being of the local people. The concept of ecotourism goes beyond just traveling and sightseeing. Ecotourism involves educating tourists about an area’s culture and way of life, while also positively impacting the local community. Small group travel companies are able to do a better job of practicing ecotourism because they are able to use local hotels and services due to their small group sizes. They are also able to reduce more waste and their footprint on the local habitat because they work with manageable group sizes of 8-12 people.

Tours Are Facilitated By Passionate & Local Guides

A tour guide can seriously make or break a trip. Tour guides are responsible for so many factors including safety, schedule and itinerary, history and culture, and the overall flow of the entire trip. If you get a tour guide that isn’t knowledgeable about the local culture, doesn’t know the local language and is overall disinterested and not enthusiastic, it could ruin your entire experience. That is why it is essential to make sure your tour company uses local guides or at least long-term residents who know the local language and culture, have abundant travel experience and know life-saving techniques in case of an emergency. Many small group tour companies work with local guides who are passionate and educating travelers about their culture and history.

Small Group Europe Tours With Carpe Mundo

Carpe Mundo is a small group travel company that specializes in designing and facilitating small group Europe tours to top travel destinations like Iceland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Montenegro, and Croatia. Our travel experts customize each tour, combining exciting activities with local cultural experiences, facilitated by passionate leaders. Each tour has a maximum group size of 8-12 travelers and one to two leaders, enabling us to provide more individualized attention and care. If you want to learn more about our small group Europe tours, then give us a call at 1-888-890-9898 to speak with one of our travel experts.

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