Why You Should Take A Small Group Tour

Make Your NExt Trip An Adventure You'll Never Forget

When it comes to traveling with a tour company, most people think of large coach buses, dozens of tourists being herded like cattle and a rushed schedule. If you don’t like those types of tours, we don’t blame you- we hate them too! Those kinds of tours can leave you feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation. A small group tour, on the other hand, combines a quality itinerary where you hit all of the significant spots with plenty of time and freedom, allowing you to adjust your schedule or take an adventure of your own. A small group travel company like Carpe Mundo can provide a more authentic and intimate travel experience where you not only see the major sites, but you can also get off the beaten path, experience the local culture, and personalize the trip to make it your own. 

Live Big, Don't Travel Big

We love to incorporate experiences that are only possible with small groups. Staying in boutique hotels, medieval castles, and villas; enjoying an intimate cooking class; soaking in a small hot spring; accessing remote island beaches and ports not accessible to large ships; eating at a local cafe- there are some things that large tour groups just can’t do! And often times we do those things! All of our trips are designed with the question “How do we add value?” in mind, and often times we do not see how large tour groups add value besides you not having to drive. We strive to add value by finding locations and activities that you would not know of on your own and by including options that allow you to make the trip your own. 

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You're Not a Cookie, So Don't Do Cookie Cutter Tours!

Due to the small size of the travel group, small group travel companies can provide travelers with more personalized attention. A small group travel company can create unique itineraries for each trip that fits the needs and preferences of each customer. If an activity needs to be adjusted or some members of the group want more free time to go off on their own, that can easily be done with a small group tour. Smaller groups also create a more intimate experience that can make you feel like you are traveling with a group of friends, rather than a bunch of strangers. No two tours of ours are the same- our guides adapt the tours based on the customers and their personal preferences. 

Passionate Guides 

A tour guide can truly make or break your trip. Our tour guides don’t just lead tours, they help design them! They have extensive knowledge of the areas where they guide, and they help design the tour itineraries based on their experience and interests. They are eager to learn, and excited to share information with you. Being a small company, several of our guides help out with administrative work when they are not guiding tours, so if you call or email there’s a very good chance you will be speaking with someone who has actually led the tour you are interested in going on! 

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We Care About You!

When you travel with us, you become a part of our family! We are very proud of the fact that over 50% of our customers are repeat clients or direct referrals from past guests- these repeat bookings and referrals are the best compliments we can receive! We also love seeing familiar faces on our tours- it’s another way that our trips feel more friendly and congenial. We take all of our customers’ feedback into account, whether that means adjusting the packing list, tweaking the hotels we stay at, or adding new destinations based on your suggestions- we are here to serve you and enable incredible travel experiences and your feedback helps make that possible! As a token of our gratitude, all past customers are provided with repeat customer discounts so they can continue to Seize the World and live life to the fullest with Carpe Mundo!

Join Along On The Fun!

Carpe Mundo is a small group travel company that specializes in designing and facilitating small group European tours to top travel destinations like Iceland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and more! Our travel experts customize each tour, combining exciting activities with local cultural experiences, facilitated by passionate leaders. Each tour has a maximum group size of 8-12 travelers and one to two leaders, enabling us to provide more individualized attention and care. If you want to learn more about our small group Europe tours, then give us a call at 1-888-890-9898 to speak with one of our travel expert!

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