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Planning a group trip to Europe, but don’t know where to start? Deciding where to go, what to see, and when to go, can make trip planning difficult. For a stress-free trip to Europe, book a tour with a small group tour company like Carpe Mundo. Whether it is a family reunion or a trip with good friends, our travel specialist will design the perfect trip that accommodates your needs. We offer customized small group tours to countries like:

  • Iceland
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Croatia
  • Montenegro

Travelers will have the opportunity to choose between hiking, biking, self-drive, or highlights/sightseeing tours. We also offer custom tours that allow you to create your entire travel experience from start to finish. With Carpe Mundo, ever detail of your small group tour is planned out including all logistics for flights, transportation, itineraries, meals, and stay.


Last year, the number of tourists visiting Iceland was more than six times the population, making it one of the hottest travel destinations right now. Iceland is an island located in the North Atlantic that is marked by extreme geological contrasts. From steaming, natural hot springs and over 30 active volcanoes to bubbling geysers and some of the worlds most massive glaciers in Europe, the land of Fire and Ice has no shortage when it comes to natural phenomenons.

Adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike can rejoice in the limitless opportunities to see and experience Iceland’s unique wildlife and incredible landscapes. Travelers can enjoy hiking through mountains, volcanoes, and glaciers, exploring barren highlands, rafting in rivers, and skiing, dog-sledding, and snowmobiling on snowy hills.


Each year, Germany draws in millions of visitors with its natural beauty, history, culture and cuisine including its world-renowned wines and beers. As one of Europe’s largest countries, Germany is made up of a wide variety of landscapes including mountain ranges, rolling plains, and forests. One of the most popular tourist destinations is the Rhine River, which flows northward Switzerland and is celebrated for its visual art, literature, folklore, and song. Along the banks of the Rhine River, stand hundreds of medieval castles, churches, picturesque villages and market towns.


More than 40 million tourists a year visit Italy mainly for its art, cuisine, history, fashion, and culture. Encompassing some of the most varied and scenic landscapes on Earth, Italy is surrounded by sea with its beautiful coastline and beaches, and mountains crisscrossing the interior of the country. Italy has a rich and colorful history, which has left a significant mark on western civilization with its remnants being its priceless ancient monuments.


Switzerland is home to incredible scenery, exquisite culture, creamy cheese and delicious chocolate, and countless outdoor experiences. Alpine adventures like skiing, hiking and mountain biking await around every corner with some of the most picture-perfect backdrops. Hiking by far is one of the best ways to experience Switzerland, offering endless opportunities to explore the vast array of mountain and glacier vistas.


Croatia is an emerging tourist destination with over a thousand islands, eight national parks, eleven nature parks, over 3000 miles of Adriatic coastline and ten World Heritage sites. As one of Europe’s top seaside destinations, Croatia is renowned for its crystal clear water and storybook scenery which is perfect for water activities like sailing, scuba diving, and kayaking. Croatia also has a rich history and is home to historic walled cities, Roman ruins and impressive castles. Known for its fantastic, hearty cuisine including fresh seafood, truffles, and fine wines, Croatia is the perfect destination for foodies and adventurers.


Montenegro is one of Europe’s hidden gems and is quickly becoming one of the hottest new travel destinations. Offering pine-scented mountains, rolling prairies, and traditional stone villages, Montenegro is perfect for hikers, bikers and nature lovers alike. Montenegro is also a popular coastal destination with 183 miles of coastline of sandy beaches, calm blue waters, and enchanting Venetian-era port towns. It goes without saying that Montenegro also has some of the freshest seafood.


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Carpe Mundo is a small group tour company that specializes in creating custom trips to top European travel destinations. We offer various types of trips that focus on hiking, biking, sightseeing and self-driving. Our team of travel specialists can also plan an entire private vacation specifically tailored to your wants, wishes and needs. With Carpe Mundo, we design trips that enable you to live life to the fullest by combining exciting activities with local cultural experiences, facilitated by passionate leaders. If you are searching for a small group tour company that designs trips which hit all of the major highlights but also allows you the freedom to create an adventure of your own, then you should book your next European vacation with Carpe Mundo. To find out more information about our trips, contact one of our travel specialists at 1-888-890-9898.


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