Find out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


What should I bring?

When you register for a trip, you will receive a detailed packing list to ensure that you have everything you need.  Luggage storage options are available for all of our trips in the event that there are items that you will not need while on our trip, but that you still want to have before/after the tour.

How difficult are the trips?

Our trips have three difficulty ratings: easy, moderate, and challenging. Easy trips are less physically strenuous, the activities are shorter and more leisure based, and there are alternatives if you do not want to do every activity. Moderate trips involve considerable physical activity, but are still very manageable for anyone in decent physical shape. For challenging trips, physical activity such as hiking will be the primary focus of the day and the difficulty is more dependent on the weather.  Participants should be in good physical shape and training for the trip is recommended. A more detailed description is available on the individual trip pages.

How physically fit do I need to be?

It depends on the difficulty level of each trip. Trips that are rated easy have activities that are not as physically strenuous, or you have the opportunity to not partake in those activities. Moderate trips will require more physical activity, but options may exist to opt out of some activities. For challenging trips, you will need to engage in physical activity for several hours each day, and often times options do not exist to opt out (although leaving the trip early may be an option). Overall we find that people who are mentally prepared for the trips and are willing to put in the effort do very well, regardless of difficulty level.

What is your maximum group size?

Our groups are limited to a maximum of just 8 participants on our Highlights tours and only 12 participants on our biking and hiking trips. These are some of the smallest group sizes in the industry, enabling us to give you the best possible experience. With a smaller group comes better and more individualized attention, more camaraderie among the travelers, greater flexibility with the itinerary, and a more authentic, less touristy trip.

What options are available for solo travelers?

As a solo traveler, we can try to place you in a shared room with another solo traveler, or you can have your own single room by paying a single supplement.  Some of our hiking trips do not have a single supplement with the hut and tent accommodations. Our small group sizes mean that our trips are great for solo travelers to meet other people and enjoy their trip!

Do you offer private departures?

If you are a family or group that would like a private departure, we can definitely arrange that for you! Contact us to inquire about dates and pricing.

Are there any age restrictions for the trips?

The minimum recommended age for participation in one of our standard trips is 13 and there is no upper age limit. Ability is more important than age, and some trips are more conducive than others to younger/older participants; contact us if you have any concerns. If you would like a trip with younger children, consider planning a custom trip. 

What meals are included? What is the food like?

Most of our trips include breakfast, which is typical for the local area. For our European trips, breakfast usually consists of a buffet with yogurt, granola, eggs, meats, cheeses, and cereals. For trips where lunch and dinner are not included, this is done to give you the flexibility to try as much (or little) of the local food as you would like, and to choose how much you would like to spend. For our hiking trips where lunch and dinner are included as well, meals are a combination of local specialties and continental cuisine. We believe that to eat well is to live well, and food is one of the ways that we strive to go above and beyond to give you the best possible experience. For many people, this is the highlight of the trip! Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated on all trips. 

What certifications/qualifications do your leaders have?

All of our leaders have traveled extensively and have years of experience leading groups on adventure trips all over the world. Our leaders have also undergone extensive training in group dynamics, risk management, and wilderness and remote first aid.  At least one leader on every hiking trip has a Wilderness First Responder certification or higher medical certification to ensure your safety.

Can I join a trip late or leave early?

We prefer that everyone goes on the trip in it’s entirety in order to get the best possible experience, however some trips do have the ability to join the group late or leave early. Contact us for details for the trip you are interested in.

Do I need a visa for my trip?

Visas are not required for most nationalities for the countries where our trips operate. A passport is needed for international travel.

How do I register for a trip?

To register, you can book your spot by paying a deposit online. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us!