The Rhine is one of Germany's most iconic rivers, and biking along the river is the best way to see it! You will bike along flat bike paths that follow the river past dozens of castles, vineyards, biergartens, and quaint half-timbered towns. This is the Germany you have always imagined, and an experience you will never forget!

Fun for everyone

This trip has something for everyone! Castles, vineyards, cathedrals, biergartens, museums, towns with half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets- you will feel like you are biking through a fairytale.  The vast majority of the biking is on dedicated bike paths, so instead of worrying about cars and traffic you can focus on the beauty and history that surrounds you. If you would prefer more biking, there are options to add more distance. If you would prefer less biking, you can get an electric assist bike for the trip or you can take a day or two off and cruise along the Rhine to the next destination by boat. Trying new foods and local specialties is a big part of traveling, and with all the biking you can eat and drink whatever you want guilt free! 

Trip Difficulty: Moderate

We will be biking every day of the trip, anywhere from 14 to 36 miles a day. This is a very manageable distance, especially considering that you have all day to bike, however it will require several hours of biking a day.  Preparing and training for the trip is recommended since you will be spending a significant amount of time on a bike, however you do not need to train like it's the Tour de France! Part of the reason why this trip is so great is that if you do get tired and want a day of rest, you can easily ride to the next town in our support van or take a scenic cruise on a boat up the Rhine.

more than a trip: an experience

This area is one of the most beautiful locations in Germany and Europe. Our unique itinerary has been designed so that you will get the most out of your trip. We arrange all of the trip logistics including bike rentals (21 speed hybrid bikes), hotels, and even transport your luggage between towns so all you need to bike with are the essentials for that day. The camaraderie that you will experience with the other bikers, facilitated by the group leaders that have years of experience providing high quality trips, will make the journey even more enjoyable.