Germany Guided Tours

Carpe Mundo offers small group Germany guided bike tours through the beautiful countryside. Travelers will have the opportunity to explore several German cities including Cologne and Koblenz. 

The Rhine is one of Germany’s most iconic rivers, and biking along the river is the best way to see it! You will bike along flat bike paths that follow the river apst dozens of castles, vineyards, biergartens, and quaint towns. This is the Germany you have always imagined, and an experience you will never forget! 


There are a lot of incredible things that we experience on this trip, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Spending the night like royalty in a beautifully restored medieval castle perched above the Rhine

  • Biking through the Rhine River Gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with 40+ castles and fortresses

  • Sampling fine wines while biking through one of Germany’s premier wine growing regions

  • Admiring the beauty of the Cologne Cathedral, one of the most iconic churches in the world


The biking ranges from 8 to 35 miles per day, with the option to have rest days and/or to reduce the daily biking by utilizing our support van. This is a very manageable distance, especially considering that you have all day to bike, however it will require several hours of biking per day. You can reserve an electric assist bike if you would like to have the same biking experience but with less effort. At any point if you get tired and want to rest, you can easily ride to the next town in our support van or take a scenic cruise on a boat up the Rhine. If you would like to bike faster or slower than the group, we provide turn by turn GPS directions so you can bike on your own.

This area is one of the most beautiful locations in Germany and Europe. Our unique itinerary has been designed so that you will get the most out of your trip. We arrange all of the trip logistics including bike rentals (21 speed hybrid bikes), hotels, and even transport your luggage between towns so you just bike with the essentials for that day. One of our leaders is German and can assist with language barriers and can help with any special arrangements. The camaraderie that you experience with the other bikers, facilitated by the group leaders that have years of experience providing high quality trips, will make the journey even more enjoyable.
“Best trip I’ve ever been on. Biking through Germany was a great way to see everything along the Rhine River and experience a different City every night. I was nervous because I hadn’t been on a bike in about 15 years, but I was able to keep up with the group easily. Definitely recommend the Germany trip, can’t wait to go on more tours with Carpe Mundo!” -Sarah “The trip was incredible. Every single day was an awesome new adventure and each place we stayed had its own charm. I loved having free time to explore in addition to biking through the beautiful scenery. Perfect amount of group + individual time.” -Jordan “I’ve travelled to over 30 countries with several agencies and on our own. This has been by far the best trip I’ve ever been on.” -Ginny “Traveling with Carpe Mundo is an absolutely phenomenal experience. I went on the Germany biking trip along the Rhine River in Germany which felt like you were traveling through a story book. We passed vineyards, castles, and quaint towns all while breezing by on the most comfortable bike I’ve yet to encounter. The leaders were attentive, caring, and incredibly well-prepared! They knew a plethora of information about the history of each town and suggestions for how to spend the evening at each stop. They also went the extra mile to make sure that your experience was exemplary through offering travel tips prior to leaving and then treating you like royalty while on the trip! I would highly recommend traveling with them, you will feel comfortable and at ease while exploring some of the most beautiful places on earth!!” -Emilee “This was my first time doing a biking trip (or really biking more than 5-10 miles) but I LOVED it! I’ve been to Germany before, but this trip let us experience “the real Germany”- stopping in little towns, eating delicious food, going wine tasting, and even spending the night in a castle (coolest place I’ve ever stayed- I didn’t want to leave!). The leaders were all fantastic, and having a leader from Germany really added to the trip. I would highly recommend these tours to anyone looking for an incredible trip.” -Alex “This was the first time visiting Europe for my husband and I, and the bike tour along the Rhine River in Germany was fabulous! The views of the castles and vineyards were stunning, and we biked through and stopped at some great little towns. Friends that had previously visited Europe advised not to expect the same level of hotel accommodations there as we enjoy here in the States, but the arrangements made by Carpe Mundo were wonderful. Our hotel rooms had great views of the river on two nights, and one night we stayed in a castle with stunning scenery from high on a hill. Every day, one of our guides would arrive at our next destination ahead of the group. When we arrived there, our luggage was in the room along with sweet treats and personalized notes, and some nights a bottle of local wine for us to enjoy! There were two days where the guides prepared picnic lunches, and it was nice to be able to casually enjoy eating and drinking while having great scenery to enjoy. Carpe Mundo made our first visit to Europe special and it’s a vacation we will always remember with fond memories. I was busy checking out the other tours done by Carpe Mundo even before we returned home. :-)” -Anita


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