Top Things To See On A Laugavegur Hiking Tour With Carpe Mundo

Top Things To See On A Laugavegur Hiking Tour With Carpe Mundo

One of the best ways to experience Iceland is through a guided Laugavegur hiking tour. The Laugavegur hiking trail is Iceland’s most famous hiking trail and is known worldwide for its astounding beauty and breathtaking sceneries. This incredible 65-mile trek is a photographer’s dream, showcasing a very colorful and varied landscape. From rainbow-colored hills and black volcanic rock to neon green valleys and ice caves, the Laugavegur trail will leave you in awe on how genuinely incredible nature is.

A Laugavegur Hiking Tour With Carpe Mundo

What makes a Laugavegur hiking tour with Carpe Mundo different from other tour companies, is our attention to detail and our commitment to creating quality trips. Our Laugavegur hiking tour itinerary has been perfected over the years to give you the best possible experience. Travelers will get to see incredible vistas that are only available to the most experienced of hikers, but they will also get the freedom to be the author of their adventure, choosing the activities they want to partake in and deciding whether they want more or less hiking. Guaranteeing each traveler’s safety and over well-being is also extremely important to us, which is why all of our trip leaders have Wilderness First Responder certifications to provide aid and any assistance if needed.

Soak In The Varied Landscape

Laugavegur Hiking Tour

Through our Iceland guided hiking tours, thrill seekers and hiking enthusiasts can experience the beautiful Icelandic highlands. The Laugavegur trail is littered with waterfalls, craters, and snow-covered glaciers. Travelers will get the unique opportunity to trek past glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, ice caves, lava fields, and canyons. After a long day of hiking, end the day relaxing in a nearby natural hot spring.

Experience The Icelandic Cuisine

Travelers on our Laugavegur hiking tour can enjoy local Icelandic cuisine, which has a long history. As an island nation, Iceland has some of the freshest seafood in all of Europe, including haddock, cod, salmon, and monkfish. Iceland also offers delicious lamb from its famous Icelandic sheep and an array of cured meats and fish.

Enjoy Iceland’s Wildlife

Laugavegur Hiking Tour

Along with the fantastic views, there is no shortage of wildlife along the Laugavegur trail. Hikers will get to see Icelandic sheep and some of the famous Icelandic horses roaming freely across the valleys of the highlands.

Stay In A Hut Under The Stars

Relax your body and lay your head down on a warm, comfortable bed after a long day of hiking in a hut along the Laugavegur trail. In addition to heat and beds, these huts come fully equipped with kitchen utensils, lighters, tables and benches, and well-kept bathroom facilities. Most travelers have to book their huts months in advance, but with Carpe Mundo, we will take care of all of the logistics for your upcoming trek, including accommodation and transportation.

Small Group Europe Tours With Carpe Mundo

Carpe Mundo is a small group tour company that specializes in designing small group Europe tours that fit each traveler’s budget, travel style, personal preference, and needs. We offer customized small group tours to destinations like Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, and Montenegro. Designing and leading trips are not just a part of our job description; it’s our passion. Our travel specialists are experts when it comes to creating customized trips, and they know each travel destination like the back of their hands. To book your Laugavegur hiking tour with Carpe Mundo, contact one of our travel specialists by calling 1-888-890-9898.


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