Carpe Mundo
Loyalty Program

Our "Seize(nd) Traveler" loyalty program rewards you for living life to the fullest and seizing the world with Carpe Mundo!

Thank you!

We appreciate your loyalty and are thrilled you enjoy our trips enough to continue traveling with us! Our Seize(nd) Traveler program is our way of saying thank you and trying to make your trip even more special. 






1st Trip

Welcome! We’re glad you joined us. Enjoy a Carpe Mundo shirt, luggage tag, and online photo album.


2nd Trip

You’re back! And now you will receive 10% off plus a printed trip photo album in addition to the Explorer benefits. 


3rd Trip

It’s official! In addition to the other benefits, you now get 15% off our tours plus a complimentary one night pre or post tour hotel stay. 

Seize(nd) Traveler

4th Trip

You can’t stop! Enjoy all the other benefits mentioned plus a free room upgrade on the tour. 

Super Seize(nd) Traveler

5+ Trips

We love you too! We are thrilled to have you join us so frequently. For your 5th and every subsequent trip, enjoy all previously mentioned benefits plus a free dinner and an entire room upgrade package. 

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