Hiking past glaciers, volcanoes, and canyons through the Icelandic Highlands and relaxing in hot springs under the midnight sun- this is the type of incredible natural experience many people want in Iceland, but few actually experience. 


Trip highlights

There are a lot of incredible things that we experience on this trip, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Relaxing in hot springs under the midnight sun after a day of hiking
  • Hiking in out of this world landscapes past glaciers, waterfalls, steam vents, canyons, and lava fields
  • Seeing incredible vistas that can only be seen by hikers
  • Eating delicious food while on trail- a mix of American/continental and Icelandic cuisine
  • Additional activities can be arranged before/after the hiking tour


This is one of the most physically demanding trips that we offer. Prior hiking experience is recommended. The elevation is not high, but the weather can change quickly and you have to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions. The most we walk in a day is 10 miles, and although we have many hours to do it, you will be carrying your clothes in a hiker's backpack. The views you get on this trek, views that only hikers see, are definitely worth it. People without prior hiking experience have done the trip before, and if absolutely needed you can leave the hike and return to Reykjavik from one of the huts along the way, but we want everyone to enjoy the trip and finish the hike! Our leaders have Wilderness First Responder certifications to provide aid if needed, and will give plenty of encouragement and assistance to help you complete the trek.


Our trip design

Our trip itinerary has been perfected over the years to give you the best experience possible, and it allows you to choose whether you want more or less hiking. We start off spending the night at Landmannalaugar, giving you time to truly appreciate the beauty of the colored mountains that the area is known for. While here, we do shorter hikes to get acclimated to hiking so you will be better prepared for the longer trek. You also have an opportunity to enjoy the hot spring in the evening. Soaking in geothermal springs under the midnight sun in the remote highlands of Iceland? That is the type of incredible natural experience that draws people to this amazing country, and yet the majority of tourists do not even visit here, and many of those that do just pass through. At the end of the hike, you have the option to return immediately to Reykjavik or spend an additional night in Thórsmörk to do additional hiking and explore nearby canyons. Our smaller groups add to the camaraderie that you experience with the other hikers and allow our leaders to give you more individual attention. With all of these benefits, you will be glad you chose to travel with a company committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience and not just a trip.