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“I’ve travelled to over 30 countries with several agencies and on our own. This has been by far the best trip I’ve ever been on.” -Ginny L., Germany Biking

“We did the Adriatic trip with Mero as our Guide. We have been on a few different group tours to Europe. This one is at the top. Everything worked out as planned with no issues, which is rare when traveling. It was a great value for everything included, the list is too long to put down.” -Randy G, Adriatic Highlights

“This tour was amazing! It was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Exploring the lava cave, kayaking on a glacial lagoon and climbing a glacier were unforgettable. Soaking in the natural hot springs or pools was the height of relaxation. The accommodations were outstanding! The guide was incredible! This was an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.” -Linda L, Iceland Highlights

“Beyond Perfect Trip! This was a great trip with wonderful activities, accommodations with a view, delicious meals, and a very knowledgeable tour guide. Mero not only shared great Iceland history, but was able to answer all of our off hand questions too. He was easy to work with leading up to the trip as well responsive on email to all of my questions and even provided a very detailed packing list that was super helpful. This was the first time I was traveling alone and I felt completely comfortable the whole time. The trip is a wonderful way to experience Iceland!” -Anna D, Iceland Highlights

“The trip was incredible. Every single day was an awesome new adventure and each place we stayed had its own charm. I loved having free time to explore in addition to biking through the beautiful scenery. Perfect amount of group + individual time.” -Jordan R, Germany Biking

“Mero, Jackie, & Megan were the absolute best part of the trek. They worked so hard every single day, from morning to late night making sure that our entire group had everything we needed to be safe, warm, have a full belly, & be very happy. I can’t say enough about our amazing guides. Having been on numerous guided treks before, i can honestly say, these 3 guides were THE best ones I’ve ever had. I can’t recommend this trip enough. The trek was absolutely beautiful from start to finish with ever changing landscapes & weather. The majority of the trek involves tent camping with an included 1 night stay in a warm, dry, comfortable hut. I was so fortunate to have the group I trekked with because they were all very cool people. I absolutely loved my time on this trek & I highly recommend Carpe Mundo for the Laugavegur Trek. Absolutely awesome experience! Thank you so much Mero, Jackie, & Megan for absolutely everything. You really made this trip a wonderful & memorable experience.” -Lori P, Iceland Hiking

“Great company, our group leader Megan was enthusiastic and a pleasure to hike with. They went out of their to make the meals varied and delicious. Could not have gone with a better group! Everything was very well organised once our hike began. Thanks for the amazing trip, wish I could’ve stayed longer!” -Amy R, Iceland Hiking

“This was our second tour with Carpe Mundo and Mero continues to exceed expectations with his service, organization and knowledge. I didn’t know what to expect travelling in Croatia and Montenegro and was pleasantly fulfilled. The landscape, food, accommodations, and people were outstanding. I really relaxed and didn’t feel too hurried like many other vacations. Mero tailored the experience to our pace and needs. A great experience in so many ways.” -Mike L, Adriatic Highlights

“Absolutely perfect trip; wonderfully diverse activities with amazing flexibility on behalf of a phenomenal tour guide when things changed or we had to make a group decision. Would recommend to anyone!” -Graham M, Custom Iceland Ring Road

“I joined the Iceland trip because it promised a unique experience I would never find on a typical tour. After traveling to over 14 countries since then, I can confidently say it was still the best trip I have ever taken. Three things stood out against all the guided tours I have taken (20+). First, Mero’s extensive experience during every phase of the trip made the entire process SEAMLESS from booking first class tickets (with credit card miles), camping in style with gourmet quality food and comfort deep inside Scandinavian mountains, and meeting some of the best like-minded people I have ever known. Second, Mero’s obsessive commitment to detail made sure I was never short on anything whether it’s the variety of food we had to the different activities during the trip. Third, Mero’s sheer passion in every aspect of the trip is self-evident. It became clear after a couple days in he wasn’t leading this trip to fill a role; he really wanted to give each of us a unique and comprehensive experience of traveling money alone cannot buy.” -Kalpesh M., Iceland Hiking

“Wonderful bike trip in Italy! I wasn’t sure I would be able do the trip due to recent health issues (heart failure and prolonged hospitalization), but Mero recommended an e-bike; an electric assisted bicycle. It looks like a regular bike, but has a small battery in the back that is smaller than my laptop. There is hardly any sound and you would never know it wasn’t a regular bicycle. I went 40 miles the first day and there were still two bars left on the battery! This bike enabled me to enjoy a wonderful time bicycling for a week with my family. Even going uphill, it was like riding downhill when you turned on the electric assist. Thank you Mero for your recommendation and a great trip. Wonderful scenery, hotels, food and friendship. I look forward to many more trips with you.” -Allen R, Italy Biking

“We took the bicycle tour of northern Italy and it exceeded all of our expectations. This is the first time that my wife and I embarked in this type of adventure and we thoroughly enjoyed. The trip was very well planned and organized. The team that assisted us were great! They were well prepared and completely service oriented. The hotels, meals and activities were wonderful. One added benefit of the tour is that we made new friends and the camaraderie during the trip was great.” -Francis L, Italy Biking

“The Carpe Mundo Switzerland trip was amazing. It was an amazing value for the experience. The trip is one that any seasoned hiker that enjoys the outdoors should do! Room upgrades were a great added bonus for a bargain of a price. Already planning on using Carpe Mundo again for adventure travel.” -Spencer L, Switzerland Hiking

“Our 5 day “Carpe Mundo” Iceland Highlights tour was an incredible experience and our tour guide Mero was outstanding in his knowledge of Iceland and went above and beyond in all aspects of the tour. The activities that were selected throughout the trip were a perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. From late night drives and sipping hot chocolate while looking at the northern lights (which put on a spectacular display on 4 of the 5 nights) to secret hot springs with rugged scenery- we enjoyed breathtaking moments every step along the way. All the hotels were fantastic, and the restaurants we visited had delicious fresh food. A must do for every traveller who visits Iceland, would thoroughly recommend. Thank you Mero!!” -Kevin W, Iceland Highlights

“This was the first time visiting Europe for my husband and I, and the bike tour along the Rhine River in Germany was fabulous! The views of the castles and vineyards were stunning, and we biked through and stopped at some great little towns. Friends that had previously visited Europe advised not to expect the same level of hotel accommodations there as we enjoy here in the States, but the arrangements made by Carpe Mundo were wonderful. Our hotel rooms had great views of the river on two nights, and one night we stayed in a castle with stunning scenery from high on a hill. Every day, one of our guides would arrive at our next destination ahead of the group. When we arrived there, our luggage was in the room along with sweet treats and personalized notes, and some nights a bottle of local wine for us to enjoy! There were two days where the guides prepared picnic lunches, and it was nice to be able to casually enjoy eating and drinking while having great scenery to enjoy. Carpe Mundo made our first visit to Europe special and it’s a vacation we will always remember with fond memories. I was busy checking out the other tours done by Carpe Mundo even before we returned home. :-)“-Anita F, Germany Biking

“I had no idea what to expect, but what I experienced was way over what I could even imagine! The landscaping was eye candy for the soul no matter where you looked. It was enjoyable even when driving between sites. Hotels were well appointed, employees accommodating . . . loved the horse park accommodations!!!! Glacier climb, kayaking in glacial bay, hiking along the coast, Diamond Beach, etc. were all exciting and beyond words.” -Rose S, Iceland Highlights

“What a great way to see Iceland — with a knowledgeable and companionable guide. A very memorable trip!” -Janet T, Custom Iceland Ring Road

“I planned a custom trip through Carpe Mundo and could not have been happier! We were flexible about dates and countries and wanted to visit Asia. We were given several excellent choices, and using American miles we booked first class tickets on Cathay Pacific to Cambodia, and then onto a cruise in Halong Bay with a stopover in Ho Chi Minh City. It was the trip of a lifetime with amazing ancient temples hidden in a jungle, unusual and delicious food, and a cruise through some of the most beautiful and picturesque territories I have ever seen. From the flights to the hotels to the cruise, everything was top notch. If you are planning a trip, I highly recommend Carpe Mundo.” -Lynne B.


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“This trip was awesome! We got to know everyone really well and our leaders did a great job making sure everyone felt comfortable and had fun.”

“One of the best experiences I have ever had.”


“The leadership was amazing, our trip leader was very knowledgeable, well spoken, experienced, excited and overall a great person who led this trip to teach and share the experience of nature for something that many had never done before.”

“Our leader was absolutely fantastic. He was such a blast and he was the most helpful, creative, and knowledgeable guide I have ever encountered. He put in a lot of effort in making everyone happy and making sure we all learned new things and enjoyed ourselves.”

“We had a wonderful trip leader! He knew his information and is always full of fun interesting facts. He is great in the outdoors and when things change (like the weather) is prepared and ready for plan b.”

“Mero is an amazing tour guide/leader/friend, he honestly made the experience what it was.”

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